El Dorado Dog Park

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Type:  Community Dog Park

Client Served:  Friends of El Dorado Dog Park

Partners and Collaborators:  Meg Rushing Coffee Landscape Architecture & Design, UCLA Extension: Landscape Architecture, Studio Part I

Location: Long Beach, CA

Status:  Completed, Fundraising

Team:  Rita Saikali Carter, Hilda Boyadijian, Meg Coffee (Lead), Stacie Preven, Elisabeth Weinstein, Anne Leis, Isabel Moritz


The Friends of El Dorado Dog Park (FEDDP) is a non profit dedicated to encouraging responsible pet ownership and building community awareness of animal welfare issues with the overarching mission to improving the spacious off-leash dog park in El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach, CA.

FEDDP sought Architecture for Humanity Los Angeles to put together a 'more robust' schematic design to encourage off-leash playtime for dogs and community gathering place for local dog owners. In partnership with Meg Rushing Coffee Landscape Architecture & design, Studio PartI, and the UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program, the team put together a schematic master plan that was used for fundraising and sponsorship efforts to further the non-profits vision.

The design of the park increased the size of the existing dog park in order to include separate activity areas for small, medium, and large dogs and to add amenities such as shade structures, drinking water stations, and agility equipment. The design not only provided a more calm and enjoyable space for dogs and owners but was moreover mindful of sustainable practices that preserved the Long Beach landscape.