avalon carver_BED LAYOUT-01 (1).jpg

Type: Emergency Housing for Transitional Age Youth (T.A.Y.)

Client Served: Home At Last and Avalon Carver Community Center

Location: Los Angeles, CA


This project was enabled through our work at Avalon Carver and became an “immediate need” project for them and one of their non-profit partners, Home At Last, an organization that finds emergency transition housing (shelters) and long-term permanent supportive housing for Transitional Age Youth (T.A.Y.) homeless individuals. The center had unused space and therefore was able to partner with Home At Last to open a homeless shelter within their building, so in the interim of working on the larger renovation project for them, we crafted a shelter bed and bathroom layout and did code consultation for them. Within the course of a month we were able to get almost 100 beds into their center. Now, it’s at full capacity, which means that nearly 100 kids are off of the street and have a safe and supportive place to live temporarily.

Team: Sara Loy (Lead), David Roselle, Jim Sarratori, Kirill Volchinskiy, David Wachtel, Catherine Hernandez, Jordania Moore, Tyree Bailey, Juliana Bellonby, Katherine Williams