Avalon Carver Community Center

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OACLA believes in the value of community involvement throughout the planning and design process. Therefore we have started Phase Two of the project by conducting interviews with leaders of the community in order to get their input and make sure their vision for the community comes through in the design. Later in the phase, we will open up the conversation to include the community at large, an invaluable part of the process that we are really looking forward to. 


Throughout Phase One we worked in close collaboration with Jamico Elder, the Executive Director of ACCC, to discover as much as we could about the history of Avalon Carver and his vision of it's future. This included many inspiring conversations where we learned about the rich history of the Center and it's role in the community throughout the decades.  We also learned about Jay's dream for Avalon Carver as a central hub of support and inspiration for the community members.  


Type:  Community Center

Client Serverd:  Avalon Carver Community Center

Partners and Collaborators:  Jamico Elder, Executive Director of ACCC

Location:  Los Angeles, CA


The OACLA team and our amazing volunteers will be working closely with Avalon Carver's executive director and the community to re-imagine the future of this community center, while striving to fully understand the many needs and opportunities of this extremely active and historic community space.

Team:  David Roselle (Lead), Sara Loy (Lead), Jim Sarratori, Kirill Volchinskiy, David Wachtel, Catherine Hernandez, Jordania Moore, Tyree Bailey, Juliana Bellonby, Katherine Williams, Jonnathan Padilla