Shipping Container Bike Hub

bike hub_Diana.jpg
Bike Hub_OA.png

Type:  Community Space, Bike Advocacy

Client Served:  Empact Communities

Location:  Long Beach, CA


Communities is a non profit that empowers, engages and encourages Long Beach residents particularly in underserved communities to use bicycles as a transportation and recreational tool to improve their overall quality of life. We first connected with Empact through an article about their amazing work establishing micro bike shares for a women's shelter in the Long Beach area.

After the City of Long beach had provided Empact Communities with shipping containers with potential sites, our network of designers set out to help envision a bike hub project to provide full service programming including bike safety education workshops, bike maintenance training, and a bike share program complete with kiosks and tracking systems. Access to the Bike Hub will improve Empact's mission to improve overall quality of life, offering increased mobility by using bike as a tool for connecting underserved areas with jobs, schools, and healthy lifestyles.

Below you would see submissions from our network of talented designers. Designs currently pending review

Team: Ouida Biddle, Beth Abels + Students at Pierce College, Diana Barash