Lunch on Me! Lunch with OACLA and Seeking Volunteers for Friday, September 21st!

We’re coming back another week on the 21st of September in joining a wonderful and fast growing organization called Lunch on Me that "brings nutritious and organic meals to skid row six days a week, every week and reaches 10,000 people a month." They do this by redistributing food that would otherwise be wasted in order to help serve healthy organic food to Los Angeles' homeless community while also providing other wellness services. We are looking for about 5 volunteers to join us on Saturday, September 21st to help distribute food and give back to our local downtown Los Angeles community.


We had a great Community Day Event at Avalon Carver where we shared the latest plans for the center and got a ton of helpful feedback from all of the people who will be using the spaces we design! We heard some amazing stories, ate some delicious food, and listened to some beautiful live performances while also revealing the second phase of the mural and hearing more about the direct needs of the Avalon Carver community. We are now heading into the final phase of the project and can't wait to share the final design with everyone...stay tuned! Also, a huge shout out to all of our dedicated volunteers...we couldn't do any of this without you and greatly appreciate all you do!

Avalon Carver Monthly Site Meeting

As part of our monthly collaboration with Avalon Carver, OACLA held a design charrette on Saturday November 3rd that focused on the rethinking the current layout of the Avalon Carver Community Center. We’re excited to keep everyone updated on the progress of the Avalon Carver design as the design gains clarity.

We developed three options, one of which will minimize demolition and lives within the current building footprint, another that dramatically alters the current layout but still resides within the existing footprint, and finally one that includes an addition to the building.

OACLA strives to explore multiple avenues of thought that attempt to address local community needs. In this meeting, we hunkered down on Saturday to engage designer volunteers, AYCC stakeholders, and user groups to carefully articulate what scope and program the Community Center can best afford to impact the community.

Venice Art Place - Community Input Meeting

As part of Metro’s joint development process to determine the use for an abandoned bus depot site in Venice, we participated in a great community design workshop last week! This was the first meeting of their community-based process to determine the new use for this site in the heart of Venice. OACLA has been assisting and representing artist community liaison Sandy Bleifer and a collective of artists by helping them to envision an artist colony.

OACLA Director of Projects Dave Roselle speaking with the group about our involvement through this community-driven process.

OACLA Director of Projects Dave Roselle speaking with the group about our involvement through this community-driven process.

The workshop was an incredible way to hear directly from the residents on their hopes and concerns. We look forward to upcoming community meetings and development of their vision which will hopefully be included in the upcoming Request for Proposal for the site. To check out our initial work head over to to see the visuals and read about the communities vision for the site. Thanks to volunteers Sean Gaffney and Andrei Rachko for their hard work on the design and website! Below are some great photos from our Communications Coordinator Bryant Leung.

September Happy Hour

It's that time again! We have had a busy summer with lots of exciting projects and activities, so please join us for our September Happy Hour and come find out what we've been up to all summer. Whether you already volunteer or just want to learn more, we'd love to see you, so please join us for some good food, drinks, and conversation!