Avalon Carver Monthly Site Meeting

As part of our monthly collaboration with Avalon Carver, OACLA held a design charrette on Saturday November 3rd that focused on the rethinking the current layout of the Avalon Carver Community Center. We’re excited to keep everyone updated on the progress of the Avalon Carver design as the design gains clarity.

We developed three options, one of which will minimize demolition and lives within the current building footprint, another that dramatically alters the current layout but still resides within the existing footprint, and finally one that includes an addition to the building.

OACLA strives to explore multiple avenues of thought that attempt to address local community needs. In this meeting, we hunkered down on Saturday to engage designer volunteers, AYCC stakeholders, and user groups to carefully articulate what scope and program the Community Center can best afford to impact the community.